Schrödinger’s Spinning Wheel is Alive! (Really!)I

05/27/2012 at 4:11 pm Leave a comment

On Thursday, I contemplated murder put together my spinning wheel.

It was truly one of those times that try men’s souls, but eventually, I was able to turn this:

into this:

The directions the wheel came with were absolutely terrible, and the “illustrations” were even worse.  I got stuck on step 1 for about 10 minutes until I realized that my step 1 was already done and the two pieces to which they were referring had been put together previously.  Also it didn’t help that the example in the directions was a mirror image of my wheel, rather than the same exact design.

The frame and the wheel came together pretty easily.  That little part on the top left– the business end of the spinning wheel, if you will– was the smallest and %#*!$! hardest to put together.  I eventually looked for other directions online and found these official ones, which were similarly bad, but at least laughably so.  They’re the kind that have no words, and instead feature a happy face on the things you are supposed to do and a sad face on the things you should not  be doing, and barely any difference between the two illustrations.  (Check out Step 28 for the tortoise and the hare, randomly.)

The absolute hardest part was the drive band, which is a fancy name for a piece of string.  It is a vital piece of string, however,  without which the yarn will not spin.  It was difficult to tie on the rope with a) a secure enough knot, and b) actually have it be tight enough that it would serve its function. I could have used something a little mas stretchy.

But in the end, it worked, and was even able to make some yarn.  Ugly yarn, but still yarn.  Considering I’m still a n00b, it’s really not so bad.


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