GeekCraft Friday #2

07/13/2012 at 5:33 pm 2 comments

My original intention was to actually write some entries in between my GeekCraft Fridays, but my 10 hour days at work and an impending move (I’m not moving, but my space is being moved both in and out of by others) has kept me quite busy.  But I do actually have something I made to share in this post!

This week I’m featuring an awesome yarn dyer/spinner I found on etsy called GnomeAcres.   Her yarn is awesome, and most definitely of the geeky variety.  The vast majority of fiber at the moment is Harry Potter themed, with yarns for Dobby, Hermione, Dumbledore, and even Bertie Bots, pictured here. I WANT ALL OF IT. *ahem*

She also has fiber dedicated to other random cool things, like Rainbow Brite ,Darkwing Duck (remember that show??), and everyone’s favorite sorceress Maleficent.  Also as a spinner, I have my eye on this slimer fiber seen here for obvious reasons. OK, I have my eye on everything in the shop. Let’s be serious.  Writing about it is dangerous, because it’s just making me want to get it all. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part.

The comic book yarn! More picture time:

X-Men’s Hank McCoy (AKA Beast)

Batman’s The Joker

The Avengers’..well The Avengers. Plus Loki.

And speaking of Loki, I did actually purchase one thing from this shop the first time I saw it.  (I know this makes two weeks in a row that I’ll be talking about Loki stuff. Next week no Loki. Probably.)  I bought some awesome Loki yarn, and because my office is so darn cold, I made some arm warmers. The arm warmer are a free pattern available from Lion Brand Yarns, who have lots of awesome free patterns on their site. (You may have to be logged in for that link to work, but signing up is free.)

Here are my arm warmers of mischief:

(Please excuse the crappy cell phone photos, but my digital camera was a college graduation present to myself and it’s been long enough since then that the camera has become old and crotchety, and only works when it feels like it.)

It’s a sock weight yarn, and I believe I knitted them on a size one needle. That means a normal person probably would have used a three or four to get the gauge that I got.  I don’t know why I always have to go down several needle sizes, but I do.   I have a little over a third of a ball left, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. If anyone has any suggestions, please do pass that along.

Also, as a bonus, for Jen, who is celebrating a birthday today, embroidered Chakra symbols from Urban Threads. You’re welcome.

So that’s my GeekCraft for the week: GnomeAcres. If you like yarn and geeky things you can find something you like there.  (And even if you’re not a geek, hey pretty colors!)


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