New year’s resolutions and more

12/31/2012 at 2:39 pm 1 comment

I don’t usually make new years resolutions. I’ve always thought it was an arbitrary time to take a look at oneself and one’s goals.  Plus I was always in school, so August seemed like a much better time.  But now that I’m an “adult” (albeit an unemployed one) an arbitrary time is as good as any.  On the non-crafty side of things, I need to eat less and move more.  I have a wedding dress to fit into, after all.  But on the crafty side, I just need to do more.

I spend a lot of time thinking about crafting, talking about crafting, and looking at crafty things both online and in stores, but I actually spend precious little time making anything.  Not sure why.  I could blame depression, or unemployment, but sometimes it can probably be chalked up to simple laziness; and a bit of fear.

Most of what I make comes from a pattern.  Someone wrote down what to do, and I did it, usually fairly well.  When it comes to making stuff up, I’m not so good.  I just don’t have that kind of mind.  Scott says the only way to get better is to just do it. Make stuff until I start making something good.  He’s probably right.

To that end I picked up this creativity journal. 365 days of prompts to make something every day.  I think I need a kick in the pants to get stuff done, so I’m totally going to do this, starting tomorrow, January 1st. The guy who wrote it did a skull a day for a year. (And somehow he ended up on the Martha Stewart show. She doesn’t seem like the skull type to me.) I don’t have a particular theme, or even a medium, but I’ll try to come up with something following the directions.  I feel like some of the projects may take more than a day, since my usual mediums are a tad bit time consuming, but I’ll be happy with an idea as long as I at least get it going.

I’m also going to write here more.  I always meant to, and was mad at myself for letting another blog fall by the wayside.  I’ve been mad at myself in general for letting unemployment and depression turn me into a lazy bum in general, but I will try very hard not to do that anymore.  I have several things working in my favor at the moment:

  1. The book of prompts for inspiration
  2. My craft room is actually clean and organized. I know what I have, and I know where to find it. (For the time being; We’ll see how long this lasts.)
  3. I got a new digital camera for Christmas!  This one’s supposed to be decent at close-up photos. No more crappy cell phone pics!
  4. Scott bought me a little desk easel for Christmas to make drawing a lot easier
  5. Still unemployed! So I still have lots of time to get stuff done, if I can get myself off my lazy butt to do so.

Here’s hoping I actually get stuff done for once! *crosses fingers*


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Lookie what I made! First Steps

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  • 1. MegsFitness  |  12/31/2012 at 3:24 pm

    Marie, you can totally do the 365 project 🙂 Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, but really, you’ve already started by getting your crafting room organized and such. Now just get in there and MAKE something 🙂


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