I do a large and varied amount of crafty things:

  • Knitting & Crocheting: I’m probably the best at these.  I’ve been knitting since 2005, and crocheting since 2009. These are the things I do most often.  I also seemed to find a way to get them involved in most every class I took in graduate school.  I did two projects on Ravelry, learned to crochet for my Skill Acquisition class, and redesigned knitting charts for my Data Visualization class.  I make clothes, accessories, toys…pretty much everything. I’m not a fan of cables or colorwork in knitting, mostly because I find them tedious.  I’m unfamiliar with more advanced types of crochet, like Tunisian, but I’d be open to learning.
  • Embroidery: This is a relatively new one for me, only a few months.  But I really enjoy it so far.  I’m not all that great so far, but I’ll get there.  A friend said that the biggest problem with embroidery is finding things to embroider. I definitely find this to be true.
  • Sewing: Minimal, hand only. My mom rocks at sewing and the sewing machine, but I don’t seem to have those skills.  I have all the basic stitchery I need to support my other habits, but sewing on it’s own, I’m not super good at.  I’m trying to get a bit better, partially for embroidery, so I can make things to embroider.
  • Spinning: I took a class in spinning at the local college craft center earlier this year.  I very much enjoy it and actually purchased a spinning wheel, because my craft room needs a big honking piece of equipment to clutter it up some more!
  • Drawing: I used to do this a lot when I was younger, even won some awards in my dinky little town.  I picked it back  up again recently, and have taken several classes from Raleigh Parks & Rec.  My teacher Leslie is awesome.  So far I’ve only taken basic drawing, and human form drawing, but she might convince me to give painting another try, even though it’s something I was never really good at.  She’s an abstract painter and even teaches an abstract class, which is something I’d like to give a try, so who knows?

Outside of my creative hobbies in my “day job”, I work at a community college doing statistics and basically playing with data.  Despite my artistic interests, statistics excite me far more than they do most people.  I’d go crazy without statistics just as much as I’d go crazy without a creative outlet.


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  • 1. Chris  |  05/03/2012 at 4:06 pm



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