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Ooh, shiny.


I spent most of the day volunteering at Cary Creative Center, i.e. my new favorite place.  Most of my time was spent organizing a bunch of fabric scraps into coordinating quilting kits.  I wished I knew how to sew/quilt because I really like some of the kits I put together– in particular the blue ones on the right. 

Of course, I bought some stuff again.  I’m bad…I bought some scrapbooking paper in my wedding colors (which I’m realizing are just the colors of my life in general, since I have them everywhere).  I also bought some hemp cord, along with some wine corks for Barrett (he uses them for model pedestals for painting.  So not everything I’ve gotten there is for me at least 🙂  I think that’s better.  Maybe. Perhaps not.  Stop judging me.


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Lookie what I made!

Last entry, I mentioned my neglected spinning wheel.  But look!

Yeah! It’s yarn! And I made it! Very uneven, but still!

The fiber was given to me for Christmas, and dyed by me. The dyeing process was rather simple, despite the fact that this was only my second foray into dyeing activities.   I used Jaquard dyes in teal and chartreuse.  Naturally, I wanted teal & green, my two favorite colors.  I divided the fiber in half so there would be even amounts of each, then did them on the stove, one at a time, because I only had one big pot.

That chartreuse is a bit more yellow than I had intended, so it almost looks Wolverineish to me.  I was originally planning on over-dyeing it with the teal  so the green would get greener and the teal would get darker.  I might do it with this batch, since I spun so little of the total amount of fiber.

The spinning was…interesting.  The fibers on this yarn are really short, which made it really difficult.  It  broke on me lots of times.  I did get better as I went along though, so at least I know that I remember what I’m doing. I only spun a small amount, not because I was getting frustrated, but because I realized that to spin all of it at once, I really need a jumbo flyer, and those kind of cost jumbo dollars.  It’s not terrible, but I don’t have that at the moment, so the rest of that fiber will have to wait.

I also as part of the Ravelympic Ravellenic games, spin some of the green yarn I got from GnomeAcres.  The fibers on that are much longer, so it was much easier to spin.  I did much better with that. It’s still uneven, but it’s more consistent than the bit you see up there.  I’ll post pics once I spin the rest.

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GeekCraft Friday #4: T-shirts!

Everyone love t-shirts. I’m wearing a geeky t-shirt right now. So this week, I decided to take a look at some geeky T-shirts.  Found a lot of great ones.

Shop#1: CrazyDogTshirts.

They do not, in fact, make T-shirts for dogs, which is what I thought when I saw the title.  And I think most of you know how I feel about dog clothes.  They have some great shirts: Street Fighter, science, Portal, and dinosaur. Also, while not geeky per se, this one  has a special place in my heart.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets that.  But the best one by far is this one:


Store #2: wickedmoxie

This had me laughing for a good minute or so.

They have a lot of ladies’ shirts (and men’s as well) in some great designs: Victorian octopus (yes, you read that right), book nerd, and laser cat. And, again, while not nerdy, I obviously like this one. They also have quite a few Twin Peaks shirts, which isn’t something I know a lot of about, but I know people who like it.

Shop #5: MrsTShirtsco

A big fan of the mashups, particularly with Star Wars, although others as well.  Star Wars & Tarantino seem  to be the most popular.  And you can even get that one in baby gear! There’s also some great comic book, Super Mario and other geeky baby outfits & accessories. When I have kids, I want them wearing this stuff for sure!

Lastly, while this isn’t crafty in the typical sense, WeLoveFine is having a contest where you can judge user submitted T-shirt designs for Marvel Villains!  There’s a lot of great Mystique, Apocalypse, Red Skull, Magneto, and Dark Phoenix designs, among others (and yes, Loki).  I suggest taking a look and casting your votes.  Especially for this one or one of the other Sauron designs:

Bonus points if you appreciate this shirt. Double bonus points if you appreciate the Seven Up one as well.

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GeekCraft Wednesday: Bonus geekery!

I have updates on three stores featured previously on GeekCraft Fridays.

1. I think I mentioned this earlier, but I bought 6 cross stitch designs by pixystitches from GeekCraft Friday #1.  I had to.  Hoping to try some soon.

2.  I also bought stuff from GnomeAcres from GeekCraft Friday #2. Not a surprise. 🙂 Since I’m trying to spend some time with Schrödinger (my neglected spinning wheel) I bought some more fiber, along with a skein of yarn.

Obviously I’m a little fond of this color.

Another pretty color called “No Place Like Gnome” (Obviously that’s a different dyelot than mine, but hopefully it will look something like that when I spin it up. Just way less even.)


From all the purple and green yarns to choose from [Hulk, Joker] I went with Maleficent.  Fitting, since I was actually given the nickname Sorcerist [sic] at work this week.

I message all the crafters that I feature a) because they might like to know they’re being written about (who doesn’t like praise?) and b) so they can tell me if they want their pictures taken off or anything like that.  She was supportive of the blog and said to let her know when I ordered again.  I said hello in the notes section of the order, and she included two mini skeins! I believe they’re in the Roller Derby Diva colorway, but I’m not 100% sure. Also I got a button. And I love buttons.

5. One of last week’s shops, ptierneydesigns was actually inspired by my last post. I commented that I thought her charms would make great stitch markers AND SHE MADE SOME.  Just off one thing I said!

I’m astounded and flattered that these came from my comment. And they’re Sherlock Holmes, so obviously they’re awesome.

I will be back on Friday with more geekery. I can’t tell you what kind, because I have yet to pick something, but I promise it will be fun.  I do not promise no Loki.

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“…and pretend you’re laughing at it.”

I came across this great cross stitch pattern from Black Books (which, if you like funny things and have Netflix, you should watch).:

It reminds me of a project idea I had back when I first found pixystitches on Etsy.  That was to take a hilarious line from the first episode and make it into a cross stitch sampler.  That line is “Add a drop of lavender to your milk, leave town with an orange, and pretend you’re laughing at it.” (If your wondering if that means anything in the context of the show, while there’s an explanation for it, there’s no meaning.)  It also makes me happy that there are other people  who appreciate Black Books and needlework at the same time.

I definitely plan on making the Black Books one I came up with at some point, but before that, I should probably do some others and, you know, learn how to cross stitch properly.  I know the stitch, because it’s just embroidery, but the pictures are formed differently, so it is a slightly different skill.  I did buy some fabric yesterday made for cross stitch samplers…and six of pixystitches’s designs….so hopefully I’ll have something cool to show soon.

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