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“…and pretend you’re laughing at it.”

I came across this great cross stitch pattern from Black Books (which, if you like funny things and have Netflix, you should watch).:

It reminds me of a project idea I had back when I first found pixystitches on Etsy.  That was to take a hilarious line from the first episode and make it into a cross stitch sampler.  That line is “Add a drop of lavender to your milk, leave town with an orange, and pretend you’re laughing at it.” (If your wondering if that means anything in the context of the show, while there’s an explanation for it, there’s no meaning.)  It also makes me happy that there are other people  who appreciate Black Books and needlework at the same time.

I definitely plan on making the Black Books one I came up with at some point, but before that, I should probably do some others and, you know, learn how to cross stitch properly.  I know the stitch, because it’s just embroidery, but the pictures are formed differently, so it is a slightly different skill.  I did buy some fabric yesterday made for cross stitch samplers…and six of pixystitches’s designs….so hopefully I’ll have something cool to show soon.


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GeekCraft Friday #1

I come across a lot of awesome Geeky crafts. I think I’ll start doing GeekCraft Friday to highlight all the awesomeness.
For my first entry, today on The Mary Sue, I came across Nerd Glass. Custom stained glass done in geeky characters/logos.  For some reason, The Mary Sue’s entry has pictures that aren’t on the actual site (or at least I can’t find them), and my favorite one can only be seen there:

It’s the BPRD logo from Hellboy. I totally want one.  There’s Mario characters and other superhero things on the actual site as well as Mary Sue’s entry, if you want to take a look.

Also, I’m currently quite taken with Loki, and etsy user pixystitches on etsy has an amazing Loki cross stitch pattern that I totally want to make. (No I don’t do cross stitch, but embroidery is close enough. I can figure something out.):

Also, in the midst of going to grab the link to that pattern, I had a mini geek out at this next one, which is my favorite quote from The Dresden Files series, and the quote that I often use to sell people on the series:

I see a lot of cross stitch samplers in  my future…I think her stuff is absolutely brilliant.  There’s Star Wars, Blues Brothers, and Community patterns as well.  There’s even one that says, “I made that bitch a sampler. Bitches love samplers.”  I’ve also been wanting to make this one from sublime stitching.  My walls will soon be covered…

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