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GeekCraft Friday #3. This one’s for the literary nerd.

Before I get to the geeky craft goodness, I’d like to say that I finally got sucked into Pinterest, thanks to my friend Megan.  If you’re interested, I have a wedding board, a fashion board, and a most relevant to this blog’s interest, a crafty stuff board. Those last two don’t have much in them yet, but I’m sure I’ll add more soon, Plus, the wedding one has a lot of crafty stuff in it at the moment.

Moving on to GeekCraft Friday the 3rd!

This is getting to be a dangerous blog project for me, because I want to buy everything I see.  But I’m exercising self-control and refraining from purchasing everything. I make no promises for the future though.

Speaking of promises, last time I said no Loki next week, and I’m keeping true to that. 😛

This first Etsy shop, ptierneydesigns, has a very special place in my heart. I am most definitely a book nerd, among other things, and this shop has projects relating to two of my favorite literary works of all time.  In fact, I found this store originally after searching for Nero Wolfe on Etsy. (If you are unfamiliar with Nero Wolfe, I highly suggest you educate yourself, particularly if you enjoy mysteries and humor.) The Nero Wolfe showed me two things: a) that a lot of people sell Nero Wolfe “vintage” paperbacks (and it would never have occurred to me to look on Etsy for the few that I’m missing) and b) this stunning decorative pin with various Nero Wolfe charms on it.  My first thought (other than “I want that!”) was that I’d love to have these charms as stitch markers for knitting/crochet.  She also has a great pair of Nero Wolfe earrings. I have no idea where I would wear them, but they’re also great.

When I visited the shop, I also found an awesome amount of Dracula items— movie references rather than the book itself, but hey, I’ll take it. The items include a Dracula pin and earrings, similar to the Nero Wolfe ones already described. There are also a bunch of really nice charm bracelets with “dark” themes (which, again, just make me think of stitch markers…one track mind, I’ve got) .

What I think is the coolest item on the site, because it’s customizeable* is this typewriter pin:

(*spellcheck is telling me that this it not a word, both with and without the first e)

Seen here with a quote from The Maltese Falcon (love her taste in mysteries!), you can get a custom pin with any quote that you’d like on it up to 145 characters, making this the perfect gift for book nerds of all types.  I am very tempted to get one with my favorite Dresden Files quote on it.  (I’d get strange looks at work, but it would be worth it.)  Or any number of Nero Wolfe quotes such as “The police will receive no sandwiches!” Or “‘What passed between you on Friday night?’ “Corn. Corn passed between us.'” (That last one, you probably need context for, but hey, if you’re going to confuse people anyway, you may as well go all the way.)

The second shop for today, SewKawaiiStudio, makes great Kindle/iPad cases.  There’s an awesome vintage monsters one (which includes Dracula), some vintage comic book designs, PacMan, and this great Space Invaders one.  Makes me wish I could sew better.  I actually considered buying some of her Kindle cases, but ended up making my own. It’s just a sleeve though, so perhaps I’ll get one of these eventually. Of course, I need to stop buying things from every cool geeky shop I see.  Or maybe I’ll wake up one day able to sew like my Mom–OK, that’s probably not going to happen. But maybe FindXDesigns will have a class, and I can learn how to operate a sewing machine properly.  Still unlikely, but more possible. 🙂


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It’s not the size that counts

Long time no write. I said I was going to keep up with the blog this time, and I meant it! But things do get busy, and a 40 minute drive to/from work tires me out.

Today, I came home with plans to write about a few smaller projects I’d made, and as I was taking pictures, my dog started barking furiously at the mail lady who was bringing a large package up to my front porch.

Hmmm…Frah-gee-ley. Must be Italian.

Actually it’s from New Zealand*, which makes it my Ashford traditional spinning wheel! Look at it in all of it’s IKEA like glory!

*Spell check is telling me that “Zealand” isn’t a word. Seriously? 

I had decided to name it Schrodinger after my reluctance to admit actually purchasing a wheel.  I’m sticking with that name, but I’m super excited that it’s here, and I will not be shamed for my love of fiber arts!  Schrodinger also came with a bag of wool to practice on, which is also pretty sweet.  More on that when I have time to assemble it.

Back to what I had originally decided to write today: smaller projects!  Long drawn out projects can be fun, and are usually really rewarding when finished, but they can also be really exhausting.  It’s nice every once in a while to bust out a completed project in a weekend, or sometimes even a shorter amount of time.

Since the office at my aforementioned 40 minute away new job is constantly freezing, I decided to expand my wardrobe of fingerless gloves, so I can stay somewhat toasty and still remain able to do my Excel magic.  I went with a pattern that I’d always liked, but had never gotten around to doing, and a yarn in my favorite color, and this weekend made these. They were relatively easy, but the pattern did require paying a lot of attention to where I was so as not to get off the pattern.  The little zig zags are done with cables, which is something I’m really not a huge fan of doing.  I’m lucky in that my dislike of cables comes without a great desire for complicated cable sweaters, because I would absolutely hate doing them.  They’re not difficult at all, even though a lot of cables look it; they’re just tedious.  As long as you have patience for watching for where you are in the pattern, and for actually doing the cables, they’re really easy.

These weren’t bad to knit. It was about as much cabling as I could take, but I really like the effect.  And they also include
something I’d never done before, which was a thumb hole.  Well, I’d done a thumb hole before that’s just that- – a hole.  But this was actually part of a finger.  Again, not a difficult thing to do, but annoying as hell, which is why I will never make gloves. (Side note: this reminds me of an amusing anecdote about me knitting gloves, but I feel like I should probably check with the other party involved before sharing it.)

My other project, which I’m really proud of, was also knocked out over the span of a weekend.  One day for the embroidery and another evening for the sewing.  I made a needle book to hold my embroidery needles, and my scissors.  Basically, it was an excuse to embroider something since Urban Threads has so many wonderful designs that I want to try.

Basically, I took a piece of blue cloth and embroidered two patterns on it. (The colors are purposely bold because of the comic book like designs. Also, I like color.) I got a piece of contrasting fabric for the inside.  Before sewing them together, I put a piece of craft plastic (basically a semi-rigid plastic net) in one half of it, so that the bottom would be rigid, and the flap would be left floppy.

Onto the rigid inside, I attached a piece of red felt to hold the needles. It’s a good thick material that they won’t slip out of.  I attached it with some double sided tape made especially for fabrics. I wasn’t sure how well it would work on the felt, but it actually worked really well.  I wanted this book to hold my scissors as well as needles, I only attached it on three sides, making it a great pocket to hold a tiny pair of scissors.

I am totally in love with this thing!  I’m actually thinking of making some to sell on that Etsy shop I keep saying I’m going to open.  What do you guys think? As long as I’m careful with the embroidery, do you think people would actually buy these? I actually want opinions, so don’t be afraid to say no. I can take it 🙂

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The first of probably many wedding posts.

With a wedding comes lots of little things to be bought– and later on probably to, “How   much was that?” to a DIY project.  But for now, I’m still willing to pay someone.  Being 11 months away from the wedding, we have plenty of time and are still at the early stages. Reception and church booked, caterer picked out (mostly because the venue only has one), and that’s about it.  Well one more thing, our unofficial “theme”: Dinosaurs.

Why dinosaurs? you ask.  Well, why not dinosaurs?  first of all.  Secondly, our wedding reception is in the local science museum on the dinosaur floor.  It wasn’t meant to be a theme but it’s slowly gone that way, which is something I’m totally fine with.

At the moment, we’re at the “save-the-date” cards stage of the process, and where does one go for dinosaur save-the-date cards, but Etsy.  I did a simple search for “dinosaur cards” and unfortunately, most of them look like this. But Etsy being Etsy, there are also many classy looking dinosaur cards in the running.


My original thought had been to use something from Dapper Dinos, which still may happen.  Along those lines, I really like this image on the left.  I might actually contact the designer and ask permission. He does sell some prints, though this isn’t one of them.  Still, something that’s going to involve a little less begging would be nice.

This Etsy seller makes bookmark save-the-date cards, which I think is totally awesome. (Thanks to Offbeat Bride for the tip.)  What’s more is that she does custom items, so it might be possible to request some kind of dinosaur design.

These brontosaurus (I said brontosaurus, I meant brontosaurus, don’t give me your apatosaurus crap) cards are pretty neat, and they come in a variety of colors.  They don’t have the kind of green that I want though, so that’s kind of a bummer.  Not a deal breaker though.

This seller has several different dinosaurs, which is pretty cool.  Although, every person will only get one save-the-date card, so multiple dinosaurs isn’t necessarily a must.

Another seller has teeny dinosaur cards, which could be cute, but then one would need teeny envelopes.  The seller conveniently has those too, and actually not for a bad price.  I’m not opposed to paying a small independent artist a  bit more than I’d spend otherwise, because I know that their time is worth it.  Also, in this case, I think it might actually be less.

One thing that I really like is when sellers will sell you the digital file and let you go ahead and print it yourself any way you want.  Cost
effective for everyone involved.  My favorite of those are these cute fill in speech bubble dinosaur cards.  And they have more than one type of dinosaur.

really awesome.   I would prefer something one sided for the save-the-date  cards, but I suppose I could cut them and make them one sided if I wanted to.  Not difficult.

The last dinosaur one that I like that is one sided, is also printable, and has customizable colors is this one. Ignore the “John is turning five” and the actual design is pretty nice, and I think could work for a wedding.  And they  have my colors (apple green, turquoise, and orange.)

And of course, it doesn’t have to be dinosaur at all, and from that standpoint, I like this one. I don’t wear glasses like that, but we do both wear glasses, and it’s still pretty cute.

Ah, so many options…if only I could buy them all.  There are so many creative and talented people out there, I love it.

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