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Ooh, shiny.


I spent most of the day volunteering at Cary Creative Center, i.e. my new favorite place.  Most of my time was spent organizing a bunch of fabric scraps into coordinating quilting kits.  I wished I knew how to sew/quilt because I really like some of the kits I put together– in particular the blue ones on the right. 

Of course, I bought some stuff again.  I’m bad…I bought some scrapbooking paper in my wedding colors (which I’m realizing are just the colors of my life in general, since I have them everywhere).  I also bought some hemp cord, along with some wine corks for Barrett (he uses them for model pedestals for painting.  So not everything I’ve gotten there is for me at least 🙂  I think that’s better.  Maybe. Perhaps not.  Stop judging me.


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