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Every Knitter’s Dream

Well, I had the most productive lunch break ever yesterday.  I got another job. (As in an additional job, I like my current job.)

Rewind to when I first started this job–or even earlier than that to the interview. I was asked, “If you could have any job in the world other than this one, what would it be?” I thought for a few seconds and blurted out, “I’d like to own a yarn store.” It got a good reaction, and I got the job, so hooray!  When I started here, I searched for a yarn store in town with no luck.  (I did find a weaving place, which I’d still like to check out just because, even though I don’t weave.)   A few weeks in, some of my co-workers mentioned that there was a new one that had just opened.  I resolved to check it out during my lunch break, and one day last week, I did.

They had yarn, fabric, and supplies for working with both. I started chatting with one of the employees as well as the owner.  I mentioned that I was just browsing since I’d heard there was a new yarn store in town but had a few things in mind to make. (One of them: fingerless gloves for my freezing office.) I picked up a ball of yarn, some needles, some pins, and a spool of thread.  When I was paying, the owner asked me if I’d be interested in teaching knitting classes. I taken aback because it was so unexpected–but how cool! I said possibly and that I would come back to talk about it.

So I went back yesterday with samples of things I’d made (both completed and in-progress fingerless gloves, for the aforementioned freezing office).  The in-progress glove was in a bad that I’d embroidered.  Evidently they’re looking to get some embroidery stuff in there along with the  yarn and fabric,and that they want an embroidery teacher as well!  Hooray for being multi-craftual!

I was given some things to work on that I’ll potentially be teaching, but I’ll hold off on saying what yet, in case something changes.

I’m so thrilled! I kind of work at a yarn store! And what knitter/crocheter wouldn’t want that??

On a completely unrelated note, I love upcycled things and comic books, so etsy seller comicsalvage is right up my alley.  I want everything on there, including the cuff links, and I don’t even wear cuff links! Thanks to When Geeks Wed for pointing it out to me.


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