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Night of the Living Kindle Case

In my efforts to make myself a kindle case, I went through several iterations. I think I’m happy with the final result, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up making another one at some point.

I started off trying to make one with this embroidery pattern on it because, obviously, it’s perfect. I picked out cool fabric, and awesome thread colors (similar to the ones shown in the pattern, actually, though I hadn’t looked at the colored version).  Something about it just wasn’t right though. I don’t know if it’s because I used a larger form of the design and shrunk it down, or just because I’m not yet fabulous at embroidery, but the lines were sloppy, too close together, and it just didn’t look right. So I gave up on that and looked at all the other embroidery patterns I desperately wanted to put on something, and I settled on this:

Not book related, but awesome. From the moment I saw that pattern, I knew I had to put it on something.

From an embroidery perspective, this was the first time I used variegated (fancy term for multicolored) embroidery floss. I always liked it, but was never really sure what to do with it.  It was perfect here though. You can see it on the bottom of the spool of thread. That’s all one strand of thread. I thought the multiple colors would make the wood grains look a bit more realistic (as realistic as it can look in colored outlines anyway.

For the lining, I used a soft bright green fabric.  It went with the color of the thread, which was chosen for zombie-skin color, not just because I like bright green. I decided to sew it together with black thread, so it would be less obvious on the outside.  I used a blanket stitch, so it wouldn’t look like I was trying to hide the thread on the inside, since there was no way that was going to happen.  And I think it looks pretty cook on the inside, kind of Frankenstein’s monstery:

This of course has the added benefit of making the fact that my stitches are messy a “design feature” rather than a demonstration of what can only be called my “lack of mad sewing skillz.”

I was originally going to put craft plastic in it to make it rigid, but changed my mind, and now I kind of wish I had. The Kindle would be a bit more protected if I had.  This is really why I wouldn’t be surprised if I made a new one, not because I don’t like the embroidery job, which I’m actually quite pleased with. Possibly the best thing I’ve embroidered so far.

That’s it for today. Check back tomorrow for more book and vintage monster related stuff in Geek Craft Friday!


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tacocat is a palindrome


I am quite possibly addicted to it.  I still knit and crochet, but embroidery is my current obsession.  Bought lots of fabric remnants at Jo-Ann’s  with hopes of turning them into….what? I don’t know. I did not get my mother’s mad sewing skillz.  I bought a sewing book and a sewing magazine the other day, so I think I’m going to give it another shot.  I only want to make small things though. I have no plans to make clothes.

And, if you’re making small things, Jo-Ann’s fabric remnants are the best.  Usually a yard or two of fabric, and it’s way  cheaper than it would be normally.  My designated drawers are officially full, meaning I am not allowed to buy any more until I use some up.


Luckily I did last week for one of my two embroidery projects. (Well, the first one took way longer than a week.) I just wanted a plain background in a light color and so I went with the only one I had…which also happened to be the cheapest white fabric in the history of fabrics.  It was see through, it was stringy, it was really horrible to work with. I’d pull the needle through the fabric and bring along with me, not only strands of embroidery floss, but strands of the actual fabric.  Note to self: Don’t try to do anything of substance with that fabric ever again.  Or perhaps not anything. Ever.


Anyway, I am a huge fan of the comedy stylings of Chris Hardwick along with just about everything that Nerdist Industries does. Probably the only thing I dislike is their habit of posting an entry on the blog every time a new podcast goes up. They have way too many podcasts for that. But the main podcast, simply called “Nerdist” is really funny and has a ton of great guests.  A while back, Rainn Wilson was the guest.  Jonah (one of the hosts) told a story about how he used to work at a Mexican place and he hated it. He always looked forward to his break, during which he would eat a burrito.  Towards the end, while there was still some burrito left, he would get depressed about going back to work–to which Mr. Wilson responded, “You should enjoy your burrito!” And now they end ever podcast that way.


It’s a good, positive message, somewhat close to my “Into Action” tattoo, so I really wanted to make something that said it, but it needed a picture besides the Nerdist logo.  And then it hit me! UrbanThreads’s Mexican kitty cat design.  So I used that, along with their handwriting alphabet and came up with this. I love it! It’s unique, and not something a lot of people will even get. (Though I did have one Nerdist fan over last week who freaked out.) Need to find a good place in the house to put it…


One of the problems with embroidery if you don’t sew is finding things to embroider.  I resisted the urge to buy canvas bags from Sublime Stitching, and grabbed one that I already had that wasn’t completely covered.  It only had a small Slackers logo on it. I went through the designs I already had and settled on a very rock n roll design, also from Urban Threads. (It took me entirely too long to look at it and realize “Hey, Guns n Roses!” Not what I was going for, but still cool.)  It was the most intricate design I’d done to date. Everything else was rather cartoony.


Because I’d stuck to bold outlines, it never occurred to me to use a thinner gauge thread. (You just pull apart regular thread.) I really wish I had, but I didn’t want to redo it.  You can see that I did use thinner thread for the roses and the gun handle. (If you can’t, you can click on these pictures to make them bigger.) I think the whole thing would have looked better…but I’ll know for next time.  I also knew that I wanted the gun handles to be black and gold, but I couldn’t decide on the configuration.  I vastly prefer the black outlined one but, again, I didn’t want to do it over. As far as I’m concerned, I’m still learning, and you can still clearly see that those are guns.  Plus, the bag holds things, which is really the only qualification for a bag.

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